Fibona Acoustics

striding towards the future of sound


Fibona Acoustics is a technology development company, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, specialising in electro-acoustics and loudspeaker systems. With a collective 30 years of experience in the team, new transducer technology, and state of the art development tools, Fibona Acoustics is at the cutting edge of sound and audio innovations.

When you buy a product from Fibona Acoustics, you not only gain limited-time exclusive rights to the design and technology patents, you also gain our support and expertise in preparing the product for high volume manufacturing. Fibona Acoustics – a revolution in loudspeaker design, from start to finish.



An industry veteran, with more than 20years’ experience in acoustic design, Milad is a seasoned Acoustic Engineer and inventor who has been designing speakers for almost two decades. From the outset, Milad has demonstrated extraordinary talent and technical skill, beginning with 10” subwoofer driver that he designed during his master’s thesis project. This work resulted in a best-selling product, which is still today considered an industry reference.

Throughout his career, Milad has gained much experience and numerous accolades, both in Europe and China. He has also worked in the following companies as Senior Design Engineer, Research Engineer, Director of Applications, Sales and WW Directorship of Product Management.
- Peerless (Denmark)
- Avance International
- Gamut
- Danish Sound Technology (Peerless, Vifa and ScanSpeak) - Tymphany Denmark
- SB Acoustics
- GN Netcom (Jabra)

But throughout that time, he has never lost the passion with which he started out: passion for invention that drives him to constantly think about ways to improve and provide unique audio experiences that never compromise sound quality. It is this passion, coupled with his experience and creative mind, which led to Milad’s invention of the Fibona Acoustics EMCT loudspeaker technology – a revolution in speaker technology that literally involved thinking outside the box.